Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Amethyst Crystal Cluster

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Walking into a room with an Amethyst Cluster is like walking into a Zen temple, a luxurious spa, or a 5-star resort on an exotic island. For that reason, most people we know have at least one Amethyst Cluster in each room of their house, and who can blame them?

Amethyst Clusters have such a diverse and wide range of healing properties, that no matter what issues you're dealing with, there's a chance it will help you.

Need to wind down after a long day? Relax by the Amethyst Cluster in your living room. Need to be stress-free and focused at work? Put an Amethyst Cluster behind your computer monitor.

In addition to keeping you stress-free, focused, and relaxed, this Amethyst Cluster will keep your mind clear, sharp, and enhance your creativity.

Don't let high stress and strong emotions control your life anymore. Instead, connect with the energy of your Amethyst Cluster to clear your mind and allow you to see situations for what they really are.

If that's not enough for you, pair your Amethyst Cluster with another crystal like Rose Quartz in your bedroom to increase the love and passion between you and your partner. These two crystals paired together will keep the fire lit in any relationship for a lifetime.

And even if you don't want an Amethyst Cluster for all of the fantastic benefits it will provide you, it's still an amazingly popular stone among collectors.

Each crystal cluster is unique and can measure between 1.5" - 4". All of the crystals sourced are Grade A quality. 


Put your Amethyst Cluster in your bedroom living room, office, or den. Display it on a table or up on a shelf. Put it on the nightstand in your bedroom for a restful sleep, or pair it with the Rose Quartz to add passion to your bedroom. Put an Amethyst Cluster in your office for a clear head, reduced stress, and to enhance clarity. Sit your Amethyst Cluster next to you when you meditate to amplify the results. 


Small - 1.5"-2"
Medium - 2" - 3"
Large - 3" - 4"
X-Large - 4" - 5"