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Black Moonstone Palm Sized
Black Moonstone Palm Sized

Black Moonstone Palm Sized

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Black moonstone is a unique type of moonstone with strong links to the moon. Very similar to normal moonstone, black moonstone has a strong feminine energy and is therefore highly effective at bringing balance and healing to feminine energies. This gemstone can help bring emotional clarity, guidance and balance, and simultaneously release blockages in the emotional body. This precious gemstone can also be meditated with or attuned to during menstruation and during or after pregnancy. If you are suffering from low moods, mood swings or over- reactive emotions, black moonstone is a crystal to have handy.

Black moonstone is a crystal of clarity in the realm of emotions. It can be used to enhance fertility, joy and hormonal balance, and can further bring feelings of empathy and understanding. Primarily for feminine energy balancing or healing, it is great for women going through emotional or hormonal blockages and issues. It is also highly beneficial for anyone wishing to increase their levels of feminine energy, connecting more to their own feminine power.

Due to its link to feminine energy, black moonstone can be used to enhance creativity and all forms of artistic or creative expression. If you are struggling with blockages on your sacral or root chakra, this gem can help. As a gemstone for the root or base chakra, it can aid in grounding, security and protection, bringing feelings of comfort, protection and connection to both your own body and the world around. It has a stabilizing and grounding effect when connected to on an earthy and root chakra level. Physically, the organs and related bodily areas which can be healed and helped with black moonstone are the kidneys, spleen, stomach, and the female reproductive organs. Issues in sexuality or creative blocks can also be overcome through its connection to the sacral chakra.


If you are drawn to black moonstone, you are most likely going through some internal emotional or hormonal issues. If you are a woman you may be suffering from female related issues, such as pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues or sexual concerns. The sacral chakra relates to both sexuality and emotions, so both affect and influence one another. Being drawn to this crystal means that you are seeking inner balance, peace and harmony. Black moonstone has a very harmonizing and calming effect on both the mental and emotional planes. It is physically grounding whilst balancing emotions simultaneously.


Black moonstone can be used during meditation for any quality you wish to enhance or issue you need to heal. To help with creativity, place this gemstone on or next to your creative expression of choice. To tune into and receive the divine powers and feminine energy during a New Moon, sleep with it next to your bed or under your pillow; or meditate with it. To help with either root or sacral chakra, or subsequent issues, place the crystal on the relevant area during a lying down meditation. This gemstone can also be carried around with you during times of emotional or physical unrest. It can work wonders on your shrine or as part of a sacred space.