Black Tourmaline – Ambient Salt Lamp

Black Tourmaline

If your goal is to get your chakras sparkling clean, then the Black Tourmaline gemstone is for you. BT is a fantastic energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. BT acts as a disinfectant for your soul, cleansing the aura of negative thought patterns that have been keeping you up at night and holding you back in life. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, BT will be an excellent crystal for you. It acts like a bodyguard that will protect you from your negative energy and thoughts. Wear it as jewelry, put it in your car, or put it in every room of your house so it can cleanse the energy around you no matter where you are.

The Meaning of BT

BT is a very mysterious and alluring stone that represents the black color ray, a shade of color that soaks in every other color on the spectrum. Black stones symbolize darkness and a place of initiation and change that will only come by confronting your biggest fears.

Phobias play a significant role in many people’s lives, so it comes without surprise that anxiety is as common as the common cold. Many people don’t think of the BT gemstone when they think of anxiety, but it is still one of the most powerful and effective crystals when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

If you ever feel yourself being overcome by fear or anxiety, just reach for your BT crystals and hold one in each hand to feel a wave of calm and relaxation sweep over you. This is why you should have at least one BT crystal with you wherever you go - you never know when you might need it. It’s the security guard of the gemstone world, protecting you from the negativity and anxieties of modern life. It’s an essential piece in anyone’s gemstone collection.

The Use and Healing Qualities of BT

The BT crystal is a potent mineral that can absorb electromagnetic radiation. This makes it an excellent choice to sit next to your computer, TV, or any other electronics in your home or office.

Its deep black color makes it a decorator’s dream and can be used as a statement piece or centerpiece in your home and will fit in with almost any style. BT will enhance the Feng Shui of your home and serve as a powerful energy protector that is magnified even more when it’s placed in all four corners of a room.

Another way to absorb the healing properties of the BT gemstone is to put it in a small bow of purified water and place it in the high traffic areas of your home. The act of putting the BT stone in the bowl of water will keep your space cleansed and synchronized by warding off the negative energy in your environment.

The Properties of BT

BT has an unmatched ability to clear negativity, making it an essential part of your everyday cleansing ritual. You can enhance its power by combining it with sea salt in a negativity removal jar. BT is also a guard against energy vampires, putting boundaries between you and the things that want to suck away your positive energy. 

Wear BT jewelry or keep a stone in your pocket so you don’t pick up the negative energy that surrounds you as you move throughout your day. When you wear BT jewelry, you are reminding yourself every day that there is a line that no one should cross, including yourself. Your BT jewelry will keep bad energy from penetrating your psyche. You should always be compassionate and caring, but you should never take on someone else’s drama and negativity as your own.

BT is similar to a sponge, soaking up all the negativity it comes in contact with. Because of this, you should cleanse your BT stone every day so you are always able to access its full healing potential.

Cleanse your BT by smudging the stone with sage and then putting it in a glass bowl full of spring water. Let the stone sit in the bowl for 24 hours so the water can cleanse and clear. After it has been cleansed, it can get back to working hard for you, protecting you from the negativity of everyday life, and holding on to your intention.

BT and Meditation

Go even more in-depth with your BT stone and incorporate it into your daily meditation practice. To meditate with BT, quiet your mind with a few deep breaths, inhaling peace and exhaling chaos.

Once you’ve settled into your practice, set an intention for your BT stone so you can call on it whenever you need it for support. Whenever you feel like you need a complete spiritual cleanse, your BT crystal will give you the cleanse you desire and remind you of what you really want to get out of life.