Azurite – Ambient Salt Lamp


Azurite is one of the most popular, highly sought after gemstones in the world. It's well-known for its absolutely stunning blue color, which took millennia to evolve through reactions between copper, hydrogen, carbonate, and oxygen. Azurite features deep contrasting shades of blue, which comes from its fusion with Malachite. Azurite is outstanding in the world of crystal healing with its ability to enhance creativity and inner wisdom by cleaning and activating the third eye chakra.


The Meaning and Properties of Azurite

The word Azurite comes from the word Aure, which means sky blue. It represents the stunning and unique shades of deep blue, jewel-toned colors. It's striking blue sapphire color can turn lighter or even become a shade of green when it's exposed to ultraviolet rays or moisture, so it's imperative that you store your Azurite in a dry place away from the sunlight.

Azurite has a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohns scale of hardness, so it isn't one of the strongest gemstones. It will need to be handled with care to ensure it isn't cracked or broken.

Azurite is a rare and much sought after gemstone that is a powerful aid in bringing out your inner creativity and unveiling your higher consciousness.

The Healing Properties of Azurite

To capitalize on the healing properties of Azurite, simply place it in your office, bedroom, or any space where you spend a lot of your time to receive a constant flow of its powerful energy. Azurite gemstones stimulate creativity and enhance intuition, so it makes an excellent study aid, or it can be used during work when creativity is needed. 

Before you begin work with your Azurite gemstone, sit quietly with it for twenty minutes to gain inspiration from its powerful energy. Gaze at the stone and notice any thoughts or feelings that pop into your mind. Keep a pen and some paper close by just in case you get a creative spark and need to jot down a few notes. Then, let your thoughts and feelings slide away and bring your attention back to your stone. Breathe rhythmically and inhale positivity and exhale negative thoughts that could be holding you back from your natural state of joy.

Azurite can also help you deal with any issues you may be having involving communication. The combination of your Azurite stone along with Malachite is excellent in balancing the heart and throat chakras.

To capitalize on this, create a sacred space that is free of clutter, both physically and mentally. Once you're in your space, lay down in a comfortable position and place your stone on your throat or the top of your head. Then, being mindful of your breathing, relax, and let the Azurite use its powerful healing energy to soothe your anxieties and give support to your voice.

Benefits of Azurite

Azurite can also help you if you find yourself not being able to focus or concentrate. Your Azurite gemstone will boost your intuition and spiritual wisdom by clearing your mind of any negative thought patterns that are holding you back. Simply hold your stone in your left hand, and notice the sensation of the stone touching your skin. Pay attention to the temperature and texture of the stone, and concentrate intensely to see if you can feel any of its vibrations.

Now finish the ritual by covering the stone with your right hand. Holding the stone this way helps you maintain your ying-yang balance because the left hand is receptive to its energy while your right hand is vibrant and dynamic. Take deep, steady breaths with your eyes closed to feel the incredible white light of the Azurite stone fill your body and spirit with peace and a sense of calm.

When negative thoughts arise, and they likely will, acknowledge them, and then let them drift away. If harmful thoughts continue to emerge, acknowledge them again, and then throw them away like you throw out the trash, never to see them again.

One of the best ways to ensure that you can reap the benefits of your Azurite gemstone is to wear it as jewelry. When you turn your Azurite stone into a beautiful piece of jewelry, you will have constant contact with the stone and its inspirational qualities. Whenever you feel your creativity is blocked, you can look down at your bracelet or take your necklace in your hand to soak up the positive vibes of your rare and beautiful stone. Visualize your Azurite cleansing and activating your third eye chakra, which is the energy center linked to spiritual awareness and creativity.

Meditating With Azurite

Using the Zen tradition of meditation as a reference point, you should set the mood for healing and help bring about a powerful transformation by placing your Azurite gemstone on a clean, white clothe and lighting a candle next to it.

Sitting in the traditional meditation pose with your legs crossed in front of you, gaze at your Azurite stone to both calm and open your mind, preparing it for your meditation. Focus on your gemstone for as long as you can without looking away or becoming distracted, noticing how this makes you feel.

Daily meditation with your Azurite gemstone is a great way to strengthen your connection to the Divine, which will help you see the truth in every situation. After your meditation practice with your stone, you should feel your energy centers become infused with spiritual wisdom, something that will be a powerful ally to you on your spiritual journey.