Apatite – Ambient Salt Lamp


Sometimes we are unable to see our true selves. Our confusion and judgments cloud our true perception of who we really are, and it rolls through like a thick fog, blocking our vision and impeding our growth. A flurry of toxic emotions will disrupt how we think and what we feel. The Apatite crystal will help lift that fog by reminding us that what we are dealing with now won’t matter much a year from now. The energy of the Apatite gemstone shows us that the key to eternal happiness lies inside each and every one of us.


The Meaning of Apatite

The Greeks were the first people that recognized the chameleon-like qualities of Apatite and how it can resemble other crystals. That’s why they called it Apatite because it means “to deceive.”

Apatite gemstones are a unique combination of fluorine, chlorine, and hydroxide, ranging in colors from a deep blue-green to green to yellow and sometimes even pink of the violet color of Amethyst. The Apatite gemstone actually contains the same elements that comprise our tooth enamel, which made it a popular healing aid for dental issues and mending broken bones.

To many people, crystals seem like very stable, sedentary earthly objects. But, they are actually associated with otherworldly realms, so don’t be fooled by their stillness. Minerals are tightly interwoven into our entire existence, taking us out of that primordial soup and evolving us from minuscule single-celled organisms to the intricate structures we are today.

Use your Apatite gemstones to revitalize your desire for life by holding a stone in each of your hands, balancing both sides of your body. You should feel the immediate effects of it’s protective and grounding properties with a renewed sense of calm and self-assuredness.

Meditation and The Healing Properties of Apatite

The inspirational qualities of the Apatite crystal will allow you to remain calm, peaceful, and present as an adult in the stressful modern world. Your Apatite crystal will help you awaken a sense of clarity that will light your path to self-expression and self-awareness.

It can be hard to perform the delicate balancing act that is required of so many of us. We try to follow our dreams while completing the mundane tasks of our every day lives. Your Apatite gemstone will help you achieve that balance.

Apatite reminds us that knowing ourselves and being comfortable with who we are is the key to opening any door. Those open doors usually lead you to a place where anything is possible.

To get the most out of your Apatite crystal, begin a daily meditation ritual that has a specific intention or goal in mind. Your Apatite stone will magnify and strengthen your goals and intentions, allowing you to have the clarity necessary for deepening your focus and spiritual awareness.

The best way to begin your meditation practice with your Apatite stone is to create a sacred space that will promote healing. Choose a room that isn’t overwhelmed by toxic air fresheners, and cleanse the air using a sage smudge stick or Pal Santo wood. Now smudge your Apatite stone to cleanse it of any negative energy that may have built up on it over time.

Healing crystals are like sponges and they will soak up everything they come in contact with, like negative energy and bad vibrations. You should cleanse them often.

Now you should energize your Apatite by surrounding it with sage smoke and then give it a specific intention so you can put it to work whenever you need it. Setting an intention is the best way to call on the benefits of the Apatite stone because it will allow your mind to sync with a specific goal.

Start your meditation by sitting quietly with the stone and letting go of any negative thoughts, bad vibes, or pent up frustration that come to mind. Your meditation practice will also provide you with an opportunity to take stock of your current mind-body-spirit status because it encourages peaceful contemplation.

It’s essential to take a deep breath in and breath in the healing energy and breathe out the negativity.

The Qualities Of Apatite

If you’re like most people today, you have to juggle life’s daily demands while at the same time deal with your own self-judgment. From being critical of yourself to just being confused, these harmful thought patterns don’t serve you and will do nothing but hold you back from achieving your full potential. To keep these thoughts at bay, all you need to do is gaze at your Apatite stone, a practice that borrows from the Zen school of philosophy and encourages peaceful contemplation.

While you are doing this, you should also take the time to evaluate the current state of your mind, body, and spirit. Place an Apatite stone over your chest or breastbone to warm up your chakras. It’s like drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate for your soul.

If you’re feeling adventurous, place the stone over your third-eye chakra between your eyebrows and buckle up for a wild ride into another spiritual dimension.