Amethyst – Ambient Salt Lamp


Amethyst has been one of the most revered and respected stones for hundreds of years. Found all over the world, Amethyst has a storied history of awing countless civilizations with its unmatched beauty. From the Neolithic people to the ancient Greeks and Romans, several ancient civilizations prized the Amethyst gemstone for its many redeeming qualities. To these civilizations, the amethyst gemstone represented luxury, and they put in crowns, scepters, and rings. The color purple has long been used to symbolize royalty and allegiance to Christ, making it uniquely special to Christians.


The Myths of Amythest

In Greek, the word amethyst literally translates to “not drunken.” This somewhat odd name for a gemstone is explained by an ancient Greek myth. In this myth, the god Bacchus was angry, and to rid himself of this anger, he promised to release a hoard of tigers upon the first unlucky person to cross his path.

A woman named Amethyst was traveling to give thanks at the shrine of the god Diana when she was unlucky enough to see Bacchus. Bacchus released the tigers, but before they could eat her, Amethyst was saved by Diana. Diana saved Amethyst by turning her into a clear crystal. Bacchus, now remorseful for what he had done, poured grape wine over the stone as an offering, giving the stone it’s unique purple color.

Because of this, the Greeks believed that Amethyst could prevent the intoxication of anyone who wore it.

In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, Amethyst is viewed a little differently. In this philosophy, Amethyst doesn’t represent sobriety; it instead represents great wealth. When placed in your “wealth” corner, your Amethyst gemstone will amplify the flow of prosperity in your home.

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst crystal is just one of several varieties of quartz, giving it the trigonal crystal system. Amethyst has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it an extremely durable stone.

It’s lavender and violet shade it is famous for is actually the result of iron and aluminum deposits along with natural irradiation. Amethyst gemstones are made up primarily of silicon dioxide.

Amethyst Healing Properties

The Amethyst gemstone has a myriad of healing properties, but it is thought mostly as a protective stone. It’s linked to your crown chakra, so it helps purify your mind and remove any negative thoughts and energy.

This includes built-up negativity from stress and anxiety, making meditation with an Amethyst gemstone extremely beneficial. The Amethyst stone will help you rid yourself of the darkness while you meditate with it.

If you find yourself constantly stressed over your work, Amethyst may be especially helpful to you. Amethyst is also associated with abundance, so the abundance your Amethyst stone gives you will allow you to relax at work and gain the prosperity you’ve been looking for. Amethyst gemstones have also been known to facilitate intuition and enhance communication, which can also work wonders at the workplace.


The Uses of Amethyst

Many people buy Amethyst gemstones strictly for decorative purposes, and who can blame them? If you place your Amethysts in the right room, though, your stones can have several metaphysical benefits as well.


For example, an Amethyst in your family room can assist in the precious bonding moments you have with your family, and clear the path for confident, honest, and open communication. Amethyst in your office will enhance your intuition, and allow you to make the tough decisions without breaking a sweat. It will also help keep you stress-free on those marathon workdays that never seem to end. Putting Amethyst in your bathroom can make your warm, candlelit bubble bath feel even more soothing.


Amethyst gemstones have also been linked to the element of wind. The wind element is believed to activate your mind and provide you with insight and intuition. It’s an ideal gemstone for mediation that seeks to understand why certain things happen, or why people are behaving in certain ways.


To meditate with your Amethyst gemstone, find a quiet room with soft lighting and low energy. Sit in a comfortable position with the Amethyst in your hand, and take three deep breathes, breathing in the energy of the Amethyst. Allowing the energy of the Amethyst to bring you clarity, visualize exactly what you want.


Fill your soul with confidence as you feel the Amethyst radiating its protection into your spirit. When you’re ready to end your practice, take a final deep breath in and slowly open your eyes as you breathe out. Cleanse your Amethyst when you finish, preparing it for your next meditation practice.