Amazonite – Ambient Salt Lamp


Good luck isn’t random. People can do certain things to increase their chances of receiving “good luck.” One of those things they can do is add an Amazonite crystal to their gemstone collection. A fantastic shade of blue-green, the Amazonite gemstone resembles the lush green jungle of the Amazon rainforest. Luckily, it is commonly found in Colorado alongside many other gems, like quartz.


Amazonite Meaning and Meditation

The Amazonite gemstone is known as the hope stone, making it an excellent tool for meditation and manifestation.  For centuries, the magnificent blue-green color of the Amazonite crystal was a fixture of the lavish and extravagant tombs of the Egyptian Emporers. The infamous gold mask of King Tut is decorated with Amazonite, bringing the soothing colors of the Amazons tropical waters to his sacred pyramid.

Amazonite gemstones are often regarded as good luck charms, making it a popular design element in jewelry, particularly with ancient Indians, who used it for rings, pendants, and earrings.

Meditating with Amazonite is the perfect time to take inventory of your current self and how you feel in your space. Look at the stone with curiosity and peaceful contemplation, and let it dissolve the negativity and enhance your positivity. There’s a reason an amazonite gemstone made its way into your life. Let the crystal tell you why.

To get the most out of your meditation with an Amazonite crystal, find a secluded room in your space that has been cleansed with a sage stick. Then, as you begin your practice, set an intention with your amazonite stone, and give it a powerful affirmation. This will help you take on the world with confidence and strength.

A good mantra to use with Amazonite is, “I can do anything. I am capable of everything.” Say this out loud during your practice to allow the amazonite crystal to magnify it and bring it to life.

Amazonite Healing Properties

The Amazonite gemstone gets its name because of the combination of lead and water within its feldspar structure that creates a dazzling emerald hue with mottled light-green specs that echo the color of the Amazon River and its soothing energy.

If you hold tight to your amazonite gemstone during times of high stress and anxiety, you will feel it’s laid back vibrations that will calm your nerves and return you to a state of peace. The amazonite crystal serves as the anti-anxiety medication of the gemstone world. It’s a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to release toxic emotions.

Each glance at an amazonite stone, whether it’s in a piece of jewelry, part of a healing grid, or sitting in your palm, will allow you to visualize yourself letting go of any and all of your negativity and throwing them into the swift, cleansing waters of the Amazon river.

You can meditate with your Amazonite and ask it to bring clarity and truth to the purpose of your life. During your meditation practice, tell the Amazonite exactly what you want in your future, no matter how unreachable it may seem. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, and that is undoubtedly true if you own an Amazonite gemstone.

Amazonite Properties

Veteran gemstone collectors know that the gemstone picks the person, and never the other way around. When an amazonite gemstone somehow makes it into your life, it’s a sign that the truth is about to reveal itself to you, and that truth may hurt. Amazonite also encourages us to let our voices be heard above the noise of everyday life.

Your amazonite crystal will help you move beyond your fear of judgment and confrontation, and will allow you to pursue your dreams and finally be who you were meant to be. Society usually clouds and censor our inner truth, but the amazonite gemstone elevates you to a higher, purer plane of existence.

Apart from the stunning colors of the stone, the Amazonite crystal will empower you to recognize compassion by activating the heart chakra. The Amazonite will gently infuse your spirit with your true self, liberating your soul from the negative or harmful influence that wants to see you fall off your path.

Life can be extremely overwhelming and challenging at times, but your amazonite gemstone will bring order to the chaos, and use love and hope to drown out the fear and frustrations.

Amazonite empowers us to fall in love with the truth of our inner self and allows us to live genuine lives.