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Agate Meaning and Healing Properties

Agate meaning and healing properties are now updated at Ambient Salt Lamp to 2020.

Agate, is a stabilizer. Agate is the stone you call on for support when you really need it. If you need stability in your life, Agate is your stone.

Healing Properties and Meaning of Agate

Along with its supportive energy, the Agate stone has been admired for centuries for its striking beauty. Its dreamy quality with signature bands made up of mineral deposits layered in a perfectly circular symmetry all the way around the stone sets it apart from the rest.

A combination of igneous rock with silica deposits found in groundwater, the spectral bands give this semi-precious stone its trademark appearance.

Agate is a member of the quartz family, making it a popular crystal for healing. Many beginners start with an Agate stone in their collection because of its mellow vibrations and steady rhythm.


An understanding of the history and lore of Agate will allow you to have a much deeper connection with the stone.

Agate rock has been used by several ancient cultures, such as the Babylonians and Egyptians, to protect them against negative energy from things like superstition to tragedies and disasters.

The agate stone continues to be known for its protective qualities even today. The agate stone anchors you to the Earth and helps boost your sense of balance and centeredness.

Your agate stone will help you slow down and center yourself so you can move through life with grace and ease.

When compared to many other gemstones, the agate stone radiates a lower, more gentle frequency, making them ideal for someone who needs to slow down and center themselves.

The soothing properties of the agate gemstone will help relieve your stress and connect you with the pure energy of the Earth. It will bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

The Blue Lace Agate is the perfect stone for anyone with a fear of public speak or speaking their mind.

The blue lace agate is made of light blue and white chalcedony bands that radiate the healing energy of the water element.

The blue lace agate will usher in waves of calm confidence, not to be confused with cockiness.

If you're looking for a throat chakra cleanse, you can pair the blue lace agate with another blue-green ocean stone, like aquamarine, to strengthen your communication skills.

The throat chakra will also enhance your ability to listen and communicate, another reason it helps you speak truthfully and wholeheartedly to yourself.

Make An Agate Gem Essence

If you'd like easy access to the gentle and soothing energy of Blue Lace Agate, you can make a gem essence and carry it around with you in a spray bottle.

Use it as healing water to relieve sinus congestion or use it to aide in letting go of negative emotions.

Just put a blue lace agate stone in a bowl of spring water, and then allow it to infuse into the water by putting it in direct sunlight or beams of moonlight.

Let it soak up the rays for between 4-8 hours. If you'd like an even greater impact from your agate stone, add essential oils to the water that promote relaxation and aromatherapy. Once that's done, transfer it to your spray bottle, and you're good to go.

Soothe Your Stress And Anxiety With Agate

Agate is an excellent crystal to work with if you suffer from stress or anxiety. Your agate crystal will allow you to achieve and maintain a more calm, balanced state.

The soothing energy that emits from this crystal will guide you out of a state of panic, recenter you, and help you achieve peace.

When the situation calls for it, hold your agate crystal tight in your hand, and take three deep breaths. With your eyes closed, envision the crystal's heavenly blue hues guiding you out of the chaos and into tranquility.

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Moss Agate takes the healing properties to another level. The light to dark green stone is often used as a cleansing tool as it harvests the healing elements of the Earth.

If you need long-lasting endurance in your life, the gentle and steady energy of the moss agate will give you precisely what you need.

This stone is often used by people battling addiction, or those trying to kick bad habits to the curb. The moss agate can help you achieve your goals with its strong but stable energy.

Another member of the Agate family, the Flower Agate, is known for fresh beginnings.

The crystals have what appear to be cherry blossom trees growing inside of them, which easily evokes feelings of growth and transformation.

The flower agate has a gentle, encouraging energy that will push you in the right direction allowing you to live up to your fullest potential.

Agate Crystals and Meditation

The best way to work with the variety of agate crystals is through meditation. Before you begin your meditation practice, set aside 20 minutes to connect with your agate stone, which you should hold tightly in your hand.

While you're connecting with the crystal, focus on your breathing, keeping a gentle and steady rhythm with your breath.

When you begin your meditation, breath deeply to access the harmonizing energy of the agate crystal.

Ask the stone to guide you through the changes happening in your life, the instability and stress that come along with it, and to give you support and stability to stay positive through everything.