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Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps are Nothing Short of Spectacular...


Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps from Ambient Salt Company

These Himalayan Salt Lamps are individually handcrafted and sourced directly from the second largest salt mines in the world, Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

Please see actual picture of us mining the salt...we weren't kidding about authenticity.

What Types of Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps do You Provide?

Ambient Salt Company carries every type of carved salt lamp that is considered a 'Certified Himalayan Salt Lamp'.

You'll notice our collection ranging from the infamous Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl to the charismatic Salt Lamp Pyramid known as, "Sphinx". 


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Why Choose Ambient Salt Company as Your Primary Source of Authentic Himalayan Products?

Here's our story...

During a trip to Hong Kong, two friends were gifted a Himalayan Salt Lamp from our Airbnb host. The calming light and aura from the lamp had a holistic effect on our spirit and sparked their interest in sharing these salt lamps with the world.

It wasn’t long before they took their first backpacking trip through Pakistan to source the purest form of Himalayan salt from the Khewra Salt Mines...


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