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Salt Rock Lamps | Himalayan "Natura" 7-9lbs

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A Salt Rock Lamp is one of the most desired out of all of the Himalayan Products.

Salt Rock Lamps

It's been a weary day. Let's face it; you were over it before it even started.

When you get home you have just enough time to eat, unwind, and then go to bed to do it all again tomorrow. 

But when you open the door to your bedroom you're met with a warm, pink glow.

That glow immediately brings a smile to your face as you let out a big sigh.

The stress of the day washes off of your back as you collapse into your bed, next to your NATURA Salt Lamps.

Your Himalayan salt rock lamp was handcrafted by the exceptionally talented artisans in Pakistan.

If you could shake their hand and thank them for their work, you'd do it right away. These Natural Salt Lamps are all thanks to them.

These Salt Rock Lamps release negative ions, clean the air and are known as “air ionizers”. These natural light lamps interact with the water molecules around us.

Enjoy a soothing Himalayan glow from these salt products. They can be used as a desk lamp or table lamp that will provide you with health benefits by improving air quality.

Benefit people around you with these lamps!

Your salt rock lamp is unique, just like you. It came from the world's second-largest salt mines, the Khewra Salt Mines.

***Over 10,000 units+ Lamps sold in the US***


The NATURA Salt Rock Lamp: An Overview

These Salt Rock Lamps range from 7-9 lbs and can range from 6 - 8 inches in height.

All of the lamps will come with a UL certified (and tested) dimmer switch.

Want to know all of the Salt Rock Lamp benefits that our customers experience? 

★NEGATIVE IONS & AIR PURIFICATION – Himalayan salt crystals is the source of these negative ions.

The negative ions are released into the air and neutralize the positive ions in the surrounding.

As they are attached to the positive ions, it will help make the air becomes fresh and pure.

In addition, the positive ions will help increase energy levels and help relieve headaches.

The Salt Rock Lamp And Your Health:

★REDUCE ALLERGY - Removes particles of dust, pet dander, mold, mildew and the like from the surrounding air.

By placing a lamp or two in the rooms where you spend the most time can make a very big difference in allergy symptoms.

★BETTER SLEEP - Put the Ambient Salt Lamp on your bed stand, put the dimmer to the lowest setting and you have an amazing light night that will help with your sleep.

The negative ions will help reduce anxiety and also with making the atmosphere more relaxed with the warm soft glow.

★LIGHT BULBS - A 15 watt e12 light bulb is included with the lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are hygroscopic. Water can evaporate from the heat of the light bulb. This is called "sweating" and happens in more humid climates. We recommend to put a plate underneath the lamp to prevent water damage on furniture. 

Why Buy Your Salt Rock Lamp With Ambient Salt Lamp Co?

First and foremost, our number one priority is YOU, our customer.

We have around the clock, world-class customer service that's ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Every single one of our Salt Rock Lamp orders is eligible for free shipping, and they will all be delivered within 2-5 business days after your order is completed.

If for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, we have a 60-day, no questions asked return policy.

You can either return your product to us, or we will send you a replacement at no charge.

Our lamps are the real deal. Each lamp is unique, no two are the same, and they are 100% genuine and authentic from the salt mines of Pakistan.

What does each Salt Rock Lamp include?

Each lamp will include a wooden base, UL certified dimmer switch, one bulb, and instructions for a very easy install. 

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