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Our goal is to help you find perfect Himalayan Salt Lamps for your living space. There are many salt lamps to choose from and from may sources.

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Here is one of the main reason why our Lamps are better than anyone else.

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps go through rigorous quality control process when it is being hand made in Pakistan.


Whenever we source our salt rocks, 2/3 of the rocks are thrown out because only 1/3 of the rocks are good enough to makes salt lamps from.

Some of the reasons why they are not good enough are: dark spots, too small, not symmetrical, tone is too dark, cracked or chipped. In addition, each of our salt lamps are checked when they arrive to our warehouse in California. We carefully check the box condition, any cracks, and replace any light bulbs that are shattered. 

What are the difference between Natural and Hand Carved lamps?

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps  are untouched and the shape will all vary. Every lamp will be slightly unique in color, size, weight and shape. This is our top selling salt lamps. We offer various sizes from 2-4 lbs, 7-9 lbs, and 12-15 lbs. Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand carved into various shapes. Each lamp will be almost identical (weight and size). Hand carved lamps can be in various shapes from a Sphere, Cube shaped, Heart shaped...etc. 

What size is right for you?

To get the most benefits out of Salt Lamps. They must be in proportion with your living space because the size of your salt rock crystal affects your lamp’s effectiveness. Investing in a salt lamp that is big enough for the room it will be placed in is vital.

The larger the crystal you choose, the more radiant it typically is. A more radiant crystal produces more negative ions and clarifies the air of a larger space.

For rooms that measure 9 x 9 feet or smaller, a 4 - 6 lb. salt lamp is an adequate size. By contrast, rooms that are 10 x 10 feet to 12 x 12 feet should weigh 7-8 lbs.

To read more about the sizing of your lamps, you can read about it here

Best Size Salt Lamp for your Living Room 

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