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Black Moonstone: Enhances Creativity & Connects To The Divine Feminine

If you're here reading this now, it can only be because you're fascinated by the black moonstone and the certain properties that it possesses. Well, this post is your one-stop destination for basically most, if not all of the answers you seek about this gemstone. Meaning and Healing Powers With the Black Moonstone The black moonstone stands out from other gems due to its adularescence, or a bluish-white shimmer and is sought after and is mostly used as a gemstone and a talisman. The black moonstone has been valued as an incredible healing gemstone since ancient times. It is said to give you the power to go towards your future and not just by healing. The gemstone has a great...

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How Long do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

Himalayan salt lamps add a peaceful, soft light to your home’s ambiance. The slabs of pink salt come from the western side of the Himalayan mountains located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The hollowed-out blocks of pink Himalayan salt can be carved into shapes or left with a more natural appearance. A small light bulb is placed inside, providing the warm glow and imparting negative ions into the air around it. People really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere they promote and the health benefits. But how long can do these Himalayan Salt Lamp last?  They Last Indefinitely! Yes, you heard me right. Himalayan Salt Lamp will last indefinitely if you take good care of it. Here is how to take care of...

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Enjoy the Benefits of Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salts can deliver many health and relaxation benefits that will linger long after you step out of the tub. From regulating your mood to soothing aching muscles, Himalayan bath salts can boost your feelings of well-being. Below are some of the benefits of a Himalayan salt bath as well as some guidance on how to use your bath salts. Benefits of a Himalayan salt bath There are many benefits of a luxurious Himalayan salt bath experience, but here are our top seven! Reduce the intensity of headaches Himalayan salts can help reduce the severity of headaches. While those suffering from frequent or intense headaches should seek the advice of a physician, Himalayan salts can help balance the positive...

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Looking to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Before you go out and purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp, there is a rich and creative history to understand. We will dive into everything you need to know about Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp and more. The Composition of Himalayan Salt Lamps These Salt Lamps are made from pure, edible crystals of salt that come from the Himalayan Mountain Range. The salt is collected by specialists who then create different shapes and insert a light bulb inside. Himalayan salt in particular, is a powerhouse of Negative Ions. If you never heard of Negative Ions, will explain it shortly, but don’t let the nomenclature fool you - Negative Ions are extremely beneficial for your health. Himalayan Salt Lamps attract a...

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How to Create a Boho Look in Your Bedroom

Bohemian style has swept across much of the world, and its rustic good-looks and hippie-era charm have a near-universal appeal. Relaxing and eclectic with a touch of class, it’s a perfect look for a bedroom. Here are some simple steps to creating that chilled-out, artistic vibe. Choose your boho style for the bedroom What about the boho aesthetic most appeals to you? Are you drawn to an eclectic vintage look? A nature-loving vibe? A well-travelled sense of style? Center your look around whatever inspires you most. That way, when you walk into your room, you will instantly enter a space that gives you a sense of calm while also reminding you about your dearest-held passions. Craft your room around that....

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