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How Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Treat People with Asthma

For those who are familiar with it, Himalayan salt lamps are more than just an attractive piece of interior decoration; they have also been proven to contain a slew of documented human health benefits. And ever since these benefits came to light, more and more people are getting their hands on these beautiful pieces of rocks and placing them in several areas around their house, including bedrooms, bathrooms or even living rooms. But if you're someone who has just heard of Himalayan pink salt lamps and are completely unfamiliar with their string of health benefits, then we will be more than happy to fill you in on all there is to know here in this article. What Are Himalayan Salt...

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List of Crystals: 10 Healing Crystals Being Used by Many for Wellness

Crystals are widely known for their cleansing and healing of the human body on physical and spiritual levels. Ambient Salt's List of Crystals for Wellness: This list of crystals is used to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness. And in this article, we’re going to look into the basics of crystals and how they can be used. Crystals, rocks, gemstones, and minerals have been used for centuries to benefit humanity in a number of ways. In the past couple of years, New Age wellness trends such as meditation and salt therapy have gone mainstream. Advocates of crystal healing have strongly asserted that crystals are essential tools of healing energies when used correctly. Crystals emit positive, energizing, uplifting, and calming vibrations that...

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Crystals For Sleep and a Good Night's Sleep At That

Crystals For Sleep are as essentially as Sleep is because it refreshes our batteries, improves our health and gets us ready for the next day. But that can’t happen if we’re experiencing any amount of stress or anxiety as we try to shut our eyes and fall asleep. Crystals For Sleep Are Incredibly Effective Without adequate levels of sleep, our natural rhythms go off the rails and we end up not only waking up tired, but also irritated and have trouble concentrating. If our minds and spirits are fluctuating up and down, then it’s time to resort to alternative medicine in the form of healing crystals that that will help us sleep better. Healing crystals do as their name suggests...

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Himalayan Salt Lamps as a Great Gift for Black Friday 2019

Looking for Himalayan Salt Lamps as a Great Gift for Black Friday 2019? With the Black Friday day approaching soon, you must be searching for a perfect gift for your loved ones. It is not easy, choosing a gift that is worthy to gift someone you love. You want something thoughtful, useful and at the same time beautiful. To your luck, Himalayan Salt Lamp covers all three! Salt Lamp has been used traditionally for ages to purify the air. Pink Salt that comes from Himalayan Mountains in Punjab, Pakistan along with Northern Nepal is made into a lamp by fitting a bulb inside. The bulbs used are not for lighting purposes but the heating purposes as the heat is what...

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Crystal Healing: How to Use Quartz Healing Crystals

Crystal Healing: How to Use Quartz Healing Crystals Crystal healing has been around since ancient times, and recently, people are once again rediscovering the amazing healing properties of these magnificent gems. Crystals are known for improving our health and well-being on a variety of levels such as mind, body, spirit and beyond. One of the most popular Crystal healing methods is using quartz crystals. This method uses a wide variety of quartz crystals there available to assist in healing the human body, especially clear quartz. Quartz crystals are some of the most common crystals that we can buy for healing. Let’s take a more in-depth look at quartz crystal healing and where it came from. The Origins of Quartz Crystal...

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