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What is considered a high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A natural salt lamp can vary in size, color, shape and salt quality. In addition, different materials can be used for the screws and base.

All of these factors will make an impact on the price of your salt lamp. 

China vs Pakistan Made Salt Lamps

The first price difference in salt lamps are whether the lamp is made in China vs Pakistan.

A salt lamp made in China isn't necessarily considered fake. Salt lamps from China are still made out of the same material.

However, factories in China do not directly sourced the salt from the salt mines in Pakistan.

They usually purchase salt rocks in bulb from Pakistan factories and have it imported to their factories.

Usually, these salt rocks are inferior quality. See next paragraph on why.

What happens to Salt that does not meet Quality Standards?

The good factories in Pakistan will usually throw out all of the salt rocks that does not meet their quality checks.

The raw material will go in a junk pile in which may be sold to third parties. As such, factories including factories in China that are saving cost will purchase these raw materials for pennies on the dollar.

As I explore other factories, I was surprised how cheap some of these salt lamps can be bought.

After doing more research, it turns out that they do not source their own salt but purchase them from other factories. 

What does it mean to not meet Quality Standards?

The color, dents, cracks, and deformations are all part of their checks. Color is important because salt lamps can all vary from white, pink, dark pink, and red.

A lot of the salt rocks can be a beautiful pink but one section will be black. In that case, it should not be used.

Other issues are dents and cracks. These should never be used. Unfortunately, Himalayan salt lamps are very fragile.

Dents and cracks may happen as these are sea freighted to the US. A good salt lamp company will have a good warranty and should be able to replace it right away. 

Finally, deformations of the wood base is very common. As such, the salt lamp may sit lopsided.

Also the screws may not be stainless steel and may rust into the wood which will also cause deformation.

With the different environment that these lamps put in, wood can be stressed and deform from humidity. Always check the wood base when you receive your lamp to make sure there are no issues. 

Any Other Questions About the Quality of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp?

We at Ambient Salt Lamp are happy to answer any of your questions. You can contact us on the bottom right corner where you see the "Message Us" button, or e-mail us at contact@ambientsaltlamp.com.

We can ensure you that our lamps are manufactures with care and love, and that our lamps are at the highest quality. You can check out our Himalayan Salt Lamps.


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