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Best Salt Lamp Sizes for Your Living Space

Finding the perfectly-sized himalayan salt lamp can help purify your environment and instantly alter the atmosphere of your living space.

There are few factors you need to take into consideration, including the size of your living space, your illumination, and quality.

Himalayan Salt Lamp health benefits

Salt lamps are natural ionizers, meaning they can cleanse, purify, and clarify the air by producing and emitting negative ions.

These ions bond with positive ions in the air around the lamp to effectively neutralize and clarify your living space and provide several potential health benefits, including improved air quality, better sleep, and allergy relief, among others.

Salt Lamp Sizes Explained:

To reap the benefits from your himalayan salt lamp, it must be in proportion with your living space because the size of your salt rock crystal affects your lamp’s effectiveness.

As such, investing in a salt lamp that is big enough for the room it will be placed in is vital.

The larger the crystal you choose, the more radiant it typically is. A more radiant crystal produces more negative ions and clarifies the air of a larger space.

For rooms that measure 9 x 9 feet or smaller, a 4 - 6 lb. salt lamp is an adequate size. By contrast, rooms that are 10 x 10 feet to 12 x 12 feet should weigh 7-8 lbs.

To find your ideal salt lamp size, simply follow the increments established above. Every additional 2-foot square space in your living space will typically require an extra pound of rock salt lamp.

Illumination & Salt Lamp Sizes

An additional aspect to take into consideration when finding the right salt lamps for your living space is illumination.

Unlike standard lamps, Himalayan rock salt lamps provide a soft, ambient radiance. They are not designed to clearly illuminate a room, but rather to provide a calming and stress-relieving glow for your living space.

Salt lamps between 10 and 20 lbs. will usually provide enough soft light to illuminate anything within a 13-16-foot radius.

Smaller Salt Lamp Sizes May be Better

When it comes to salt lamps, larger pieces are hard to find and often not of the best quality.

The best way to ensure that a larger living space is adequately illuminated and cleansed is to place smaller salt lamps throughout the environment strategically.

Smaller lamps, when placed well, will have many of the same benefits as larger lamps. 

They are also portable and easy to clean and provide a more natural alternative to harsh LED lights.

Buy for quality, not the size

Whatever size salt lamp you determine to be best for your health and living environment, make sure you are investing in one that is high-quality.

You can do this by investing some time in research and pricing your options. If the price-tag on a large rock salt lamp seems too good to be true, it probably is. Check out our post about how to tell if a salt lamp is real

Remember, even a small, but genuine himalayan rock salt lamp will afford more health benefits than a cheap, massive fake one.

If you're looking for a salt lamp that is for a 9 x 9 feet room, our 4-6 lbs Natura would be perfect. Anything bigger, our 7-9 lbs Natura would be ideal. 

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