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The Benefits of Foot Soaks with Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is all the rage, with its many health benefits making headlines.

The excitement is warranted, and the health benefits justify learning how you can use Himalayan salt to increase everyday well-being.

Are you looking for a way to start soaking your feet in salt water and the benefits? Read on....

Himalayan salt foot soaks are a perfect example by which to demonstrate the power of integrating the use of this ancient salt into your everyday life.

Himalayan salt: where it comes from and why it’s powerful

Himalayan salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, from a mine called the Khewra Salt Mine.

The salt in the region is unique. Formed after a prehistoric ocean dried up, the sunset-colored salt contains a wide range of trace minerals, from potassium to magnesium.

Himalayan salt is minimally refined and does not contain any additives.

Because of its mineral content, Himalayan salt is said to help regulate cellular water content, balance electrolytes, prevent muscle cramping, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure.

Himalayan salt also helps skin retain moisture, thus improving the skin’s appearance.

Pamper your feet

If you want to soak up the health benefits of Himalayan salt, treat your feet to a luxurious soak. If you struggle with ankle or foot aches, warm Himalayan saltwater can relax cramped muscles.

The magnesium and calcium present in the salt can also help strengthen your bones, connective tissues, and skin, which can help reduce everyday soreness or pain.

Himalayan salt is also a natural source of negative ions. With the prevalence of technology in today’s world, positive ions are very common.

Negative ions are associated with the outside world--with waterfalls, oceans, and rivers--and can help bring balance back to your body, boost brain function, reduce inflammation, and improve your sleep.

Soaking your feet in Himalayan salt can, therefore, help you clear your head. 

Skin conditions that affect your feet

Himalayan salt soaks can help you manage several different skin conditions. Dry, cracked skin on the feet can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, rendering you prone to wounds on the feet.

Psoriasis on the bottom of the feet can take the pain of blisters or sores to another level, leaving you prone to lesions.

You may find that raised red patches of skin on your feet are covered with a silvery layer of dead skin.

This type of psoriasis is called plaque psoriasis and can occur in different levels of severity.

On a milder level, your feet may feel scaly and prone to blisters. It’s at the more severe level that you encounter lesions or pustules, which are tender red bumps filled with fluid.

This is called palmoplantar pustulosis, and it can be challenging to treat.

If the dry, cracked skin or psoriasis on your feet has you concerned, speak to a doctor before beginning a new treatment protocol.

However, a Himalayan salt foot soak may help alleviate or prevent the more severe outcomes associated with dry, cracked skin or psoriasis.

How Himalayan salt soaks can soothe your skin

Soaking your feet has benefits for your overall well-being.

You may find yourself feeling much more relaxed as you sit back, let the day unwind, and enjoy the numerous whole-body health benefits.

However, this ancient salt can also provide real relief to chronic skin conditions.

The minerals and salt content penetrates the skin, where they are stored in the skin’s upper layer.

This process both plumps and firms the skin. In turn, the salt helps to regulate moisture retention, which can help alleviate dry, cracked skin as well as aid your skin in healing from the effects of psoriasis.

Himalayan salt’s natural ionic properties also provide indirect but genuine benefits to skin health.

By helping to balance your body’s ionic properties and by supplying you with necessary minerals, Himalayan foot soaks may indeed help to boost your metabolism.

Giving your body what it needs can help it heal. Taking some time out of your day to soak your feet and relax may pay dividends in your health over the long-term.

Final word on Himalayan Salt and Foot Soak Benefits: 

Himalayan salt foot soaks aren’t just a blissful way to unwind after a long week.

They’re also an opportunity for you to enjoy nature’s healing powers.

Soothe your skin conditions, balance your ions, relieve aching muscles, and protect your metabolism with the ancient powers of Himalayan salt.

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