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Looking to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Before you go out and purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp, there is a rich and creative history to understand. We will dive into everything you need to know about Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp and more.

The Composition of Himalayan Salt Lamps

These Salt Lamps are made from pure, edible crystals of salt that come from the Himalayan Mountain Range.

The salt is collected by specialists who then create different shapes and insert a light bulb inside.

Himalayan salt in particular, is a powerhouse of Negative Ions. If you never heard of Negative Ions, himalayanhomeopathy.com will explain it shortly, but don’t let the nomenclature fool you - Negative Ions are extremely beneficial for your health.

Himalayan Salt Lamps attract a lot of moisture to them and if you’ll turn these off you’ll notice that they look like they are sweating.

This salt “sweat” is because there is a lot of moisture on them.

But, when you turn the Himalayan Salt Lamp “on”, the heat from the light bulb will cause all that moisture to evaporate into the air and then all the air will be filled with all these Negative Ion particles.

You Bought Negative Ions with Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Negative ions travel through our system, because we breathe it and these particles are going to tremendously positively impact your health.

It has worked for countless members of himalayanhomeopathy.com, and it worked for many other people who got them and had them for years before!

Being around these salt lamps for such a long time, we’ve noticed a lot of things. Primarily, we tend to sleep much better, and always have one salt lamp right by the bed which is always turned on.

Now, if you are sensitive to light while you sleep, just keep it on throughout the day and right before bed time, turn it off.

The air in the room will still be filled with those Negative Ions which you’ll breathe throughout the night, even if the light is off.

Have you ever gone to the ocean and sat by the water and breathed that air?

Don’t you feel really good after you leave the ocean? You’ll feel refreshed, so the Himalayan Salt Lamps have the same effect, just like you are by the ocean.

Himalayan Salt Lamps & Fatigue

Users frequently notice that they feel less tired, have the means to live healthier and more abundant lives as a result. Himalayan Salt Lamps will add tremendously to your well-being.

Now, if you are a person who sits in front of a computer a lot, or a television or you work in a place where there is a lot of electrical items around you, did you know that these items exude a lot of Positive Ions which are extremely bad for you?

Electromagnetic fields and all these fields go through our body and that’s why we feel so tired after we come home or throughout the day or when we wake up in the morning.

This is because the electrical devices we use are charged with Positive Ions which are bad for you so the good thing about Himalayan Salt Lamps is that they neutralize all the Positive Ions that are in the air.

Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Meditation

Now if you are into Yoga or Meditation, these lamps are extremely calming, so you can use them while you are doing your practice.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Collection

Now let’s go back to Negative Ions, what are they and what are the benefits?

Negative Ions are very tiny particles but they are extremely beneficial for our health.

They exist in every living thing really, but some things have it in excess just like the Himalayan Salt Lamps or just like when you go to the ocean, the air and the oxygen around that area is filled with Negative Ions, as well as waterfalls.

A lot of researches have been made that we have read and we were once shocked to hear that Negative Ions increase the Oxygen flow to your brain!

Moreover, Himalayan Salt Lamps and Negative Ions were found to be very antiseptic, so this salt is actually known to protect the environment from germs.

Actually, some Himalayan Salt Lamp users know a lot of people who carry the salt rocks in their pockets.

Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp: In Conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, when you go to the beach you feel refreshed, this will give you the same effect, as soon as you wake up, or throughout the day when you sit beside those lamps or just in the room.

These lamps cover a very large range, now it depends on how big your home or your room is, that’s why they come in different sizes.

And of course the most important thing that these lamps do, they protect you from all the Electromagnetic Fields that are around us like I mentioned earlier the microwave, TV, iPad, laptop, cell phone and so many things are out there now and that’s why we feel so tired throughout the day.

So these lamps are extremely beneficial in protecting your environment from these Electromagnetic Fields, they simply neutralize all the Positive Ions that come out from those electronics.

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