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Touring the Khewra Salt Mines | Himalayan Salt Lamps


This is where Himalayan Salt are mined. A tour to Khewra Salt Mines

In this video I will give you a tour of the Khewra Salt Mines . We drove 3 hours from Lahore, Pakistan to get to the salt mines.

We drove through Khewra which is North of Pind Dadan Khan.

The mine is the world's 2nd largest salt mine in the world and is located in the outer range of the Himalaya Mountains. Below are some pictures of our drive:

Himalayan Mountains Salt Mines

When you get closer to the Salt Mines, you will find many small shops selling HImalayan Salt Lamps in various shapes.

Some of the shapes and designs were something I've never seen. You will also see trucks where the bed is filled with raw Himalayan Salt. 

Salt Lamp Vendors at Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra Pakistan

Ambient Salt Lamp's Factory

Our factory is actually 15 hours south of Khewra. It is located in Karachi, Pakistan. In fact, most of the factories are located here. Mainly because it is the financial and industrial capital of Pakistan.

We will order raw rocks and it will be delivered via truck or train directly to our Factory. Sometimes the raw salt rocks have blemishes.

Therefore, a lot of the salt rocks are thrown out or sold to other factories. From there, we will use the good salt rocks to build Himalayan Salt Lamps. 

Our Khewra Salt Lamp Journey:

 [0:00 - Introduction] Hey my name is Mike and I am one of the co-owners of Ambient Salt Lamp. Today we are at Pakistan in the Khewra Salt Mines. The Khewra Salt Mines is the second world largest salt mines and it produces the highest quality of Himalayan Salt. So Let's go check it out!

[Introduction Video] The introduction video shows a drive in Khewra which shows the Himalayan Mountains, Salt Lamp vendors, and the tunnel where you will see tracks in which they use to transport Salt Rocks. 

[0:32 - Beginning of Mines] As you begin walking through the salt mines, you will see a railing and steps made 100% out of Himalayan Salt Bricks. There is a steep slide that goes into a cave with different color lighting. This is just to show you how the light reflects from the Himalayan Salt.  

[0:51 - Clinic made out of Himalayan Salt] So right here is the clinic. People right here come here for treatment of Asthma. 

[1:12 - Demonstration of lights reflecting from Salt] The tour guide in this part of the video is showing how the salt bricks light up as you let light pass through. By using a light source with the salt bricks, it will create a beautiful glow.

[1:41 - Showing the tracks that goes through the tunnels] There are tracks that goes through all over the tunnels. These tracks are used to transport pure Himalayan Salt. The tracks goes 2 miles down where the actual mining happens. Unfortunately, we are not able to show you the mining process.

[1:56 - Mosque built 100% out of Himalayan Salt] This is a mosque that is built out of salt bricks. It is small but you can see that it is not just built from rectangular bricks but a rounded curved brick.

If you are ever in Pakistan, I strongly encourage you to take a tour at the Khewra Salt Mines. If you need any help with finding a person to take you, feel free to e-mail us and we can give you some references. If there are any questions or comments, please comment below.

For more information on our Himalayan Salt Lamps, click below.

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