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Is it Safe to Leave Salt Lamp on all day?

To reap the benefits of your Himalayan Salt Lamp, it is best to leave your lamp on as long as possible. You can read more about the benefits here

However, is it safe to leave your lamp on all day?

The short answer is - it depends! If you search for salt lamps, you will find that a lot of brands will offer UL certified switches.

What this means is that the switch and cord was tested and determined that it meets a specific and defined requirement that is published by the UL (Underwriters Laboratorie).

However, a lot of manufactures from China or Pakistan will sell UL certified switches that are not authentic.

This means that the cords can be unsafe to use and can be a fire hazard especially if it is left on all day. 

Here are some tips to make sure that your switch/cord are UL certified.

Safe to Leave Salt Lamp on all day? About the Plug


On the plug itself, you will see that it is stamped UL certified. We have confirmed with the factories that this itself does not mean it was UL tested.

The cord should also have a tag that shows it is UL certified.

Next time you shop around for a Himalayan Salt Lamp, please make sure that you see the stamp on the plug and the tag on the cord. 


We recommend that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is left on all day so that the salt can warm up and which will emit the negative ions.

However, here are some safety tips:

1. Do not leave the Himalayan Salt Lamp at a place where it may get wet

2. If you are leaving the home for a long period of time, we recommend to turn it off!

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  • Sanariah Khazaal

    I’m still pretty confused, what is the LIMIT to the time having the lamp on (if that grammar is correct)? 3 days solid and then turning it off..?

  • Linda Harris

    I gave 2, but uncomfortable leaving on all night or when not at Hi me. One will flicker. So please send a new UL dimmer cord TY

  • Michael H

    Hi Nichola,
    Salt Lamps do not sweat all the time. It only sweat when there is excess moisture in the room. As far as the lamp is flickering, it may be a warning that you will need a new bulb. Please reach out to us if it is still flickering. We are happy to send you a new UL Dimmer Cord.

    Michael H
    Ambient Salt Lamp

  • Nichola

    My lamp flickers sometimes whatvdose this mean as it is not sweating.

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