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How to Create a Boho Look in Your Bedroom

Bohemian style has swept across much of the world, and its rustic good-looks and hippie-era charm have a near-universal appeal.

Relaxing and eclectic with a touch of class, it’s a perfect look for a bedroom. Here are some simple steps to creating that chilled-out, artistic vibe.

Choose your boho style for the bedroom

What about the boho aesthetic most appeals to you? Are you drawn to an eclectic vintage look? A nature-loving vibe? A well-travelled sense of style?

Center your look around whatever inspires you most.

That way, when you walk into your room, you will instantly enter a space that gives you a sense of calm while also reminding you about your dearest-held passions. Craft your room around that.

For example, the canopy above the bed with a neutral colored blanket gives the room a instant sense of tranquility.

Boho Bedroom

Build your color and pattern scheme around whatever you choose.

Aside from obvious choices—like putting pictures of your favorite nature scenes up on the wall—choose patterns or colors that remind you of your love for nature or your passion for vintage fashion.

Find some boho furniture

This doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re on a budget. Don’t feel pressure to stick with a theme—boho décor is all about mixing and matching. Here are some budget-friendly ideas:

macrame above bed

Take inspiration of nature: Boho Style

Whenever possible, go natural.

  • Buy a salt lamp and enjoy some of the health benefits as well as the warm, natural light.
  • Collect and wash common (non-protected and non-endangered) bones, shells, antlers, or feathers.
  • Use natural elements to create arrangements: Decorate your windowsills with shells or create a feather collection to display on your wall.
  • Bring nature inside with houseplants and succulents.
  • Buy an antique vase from your local thrift shop—a big vase can even make an adorable aquarium for a small fish.
  • Make a candle arrangement—set tea-lights in large shells for a lovely, beach-inspired look.

Don't be Shy: Go Bold With Your Boho Bedroom

Think maximalist. With a boho style, you can pull off almost anything. Sometimes, more is more. If you’re mostly thrifting or collecting from nature, more doesn’t have to be expensive, either!

Here are a couple of maximalist boho ideas:

  • Cover your bedroom wall from floor to ceiling with art you’ve collected.
  • Cover your floor in rugs, mixing patterns (such as the picture below).

boho bed canopy

Enjoy your own unique space

Be proud of the fact it’s all you--your style, your inspiration, your passions.

How to Create a Boho Look in Your Bedroom

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