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How Long do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

Himalayan salt lamps add a peaceful, soft light to your home’s ambiance.

The slabs of pink salt come from the western side of the Himalayan mountains located in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

The hollowed-out blocks of pink Himalayan salt can be carved into shapes or left with a more natural appearance.

A small light bulb is placed inside, providing the warm glow and imparting negative ions into the air around it.

People really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere they promote and the health benefits.

But how long can do these Himalayan Salt Lamp last? 

They Last Indefinitely!

Yes, you heard me right. Himalayan Salt Lamp will last indefinitely if you take good care of it. Here is how to take care of your lamps. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps do tend to 'sweat' especially in climates that has more moisture in the air.

However, even if you live in a very moist climate, your Himalayan Salt Lamp will never shrink until it can't be used.

So How about the Benefits?

Even if you have excess sweating and your Himalayan Salt Lamp has been used for many years, the benefits stay the same.

Your lamp will just be as effective as the first day you bought it. 

Here are some of my tips for a long lasting lamp:

Once a week, or as needed, unplug the salt lamp and lightly rub a dry cloth over it to rid the lamp of any excess moisture. If you live in a humid environment, you may want to do this more often.

Place your salt lamp in a Ziploc bag and store it in a cool, dry place if you aren’t using it for extended periods. This prevents it from collecting moisture. 

You may have to change the light bulb on occasion, but as long as you make sure to purchase an authentic Himalayan salt lamp crafted from top quality materials, and properly care for it, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of your Himalayan salt lamp indefinitely.



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  • Janet Davies

    I’ve had my salt lamp about a year
    I love it it’s so unusual will be getting another one for the bedroom & diningroom

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