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Salt Lamps Good or Bad: Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Affect Your Health?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are advertised as a product that can help you improve the air quality.

This air quality is specific to: in your house (which consequentially makes you sleep better) and taming the allergies; this leads to boost of energy levels and your mood, which can help people with depression, anxiety, stress or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Salt Lamps Good or Bad?

These benefits are completely true, thanks to the minerals that are used to build the lamps.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of solid blocks of antique crystal salts from Pakistan.

Commonly they go from an orange to a pink warm hue; the color is going to depend on the amount of minerals concentration that are located within the crystal salt.

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Inside, there’s a light bulb that helps to generate light for the house but also to produces the heat required by the lamp to generate the reported benefits, without this internal light bulb the lamp is not going to work properly.

But, the real question in here is: how do the benefits shows up and what should I know about the production of negative ions?

In order to understand the benefits of salt lamps we need to understand first the main process that these lamps do: negative ions production.

These salt lamps generate negative ions which helps to reduce positive ions that forms unhealthy effects on your body.

This positive ions can be transfer from any electronic item, like your computer to your entire body, creating different symptoms, from poor sleep patterns to fatigue and even headaches.

You may think that this effects from the positive ions are nonexistent, but multiple studies have confirmed that long exposures to this electromagnetic radiation is one of the main causes of stress, fatigue and even the weakening of your immune system.

These same studies have demonstrated that the production of negative ions can help people with any type of depression as also seasonal depression (SAD). Here is an article about how Negative Ions can create positive vibes. 

Are Himalayan salt lamps air purifiers?

The biggest fans of natural lifestyles claim that the another benefit of these lamps is the incredibly way that it cleans the moisture, dust, pollen and even the cigarette smoke among other toxins in the environment.

Though some negative critics say that is just a big pile “of salt with a light bulb inside”, the efficiency from the salt lamps is due to hygroscopic, which is a process that absorbs the water molecules with their toxins from the air into the salt crystals.  

Salt lamps sucks the water vapor from the environment, making them a hygroscopic lamp.

This effect is a health booster, and it was proven on the 19th century, were salt miners that were working with the “Himalayan” salt have less pulmonary health problems than other miners.

Start worrying less about your allergies and asthma with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps filters dust and microscopic particles from the indoor air, a lot of people claim that their allergies symptoms were reduced tremendously after adding one or two of these lamps in their houses.

Even people with asthma claims to have the same benefits.

So, a great reason to have an Himalayan salt lamp is the benefits on respiratory ailments.

Thanks to this, the Himalayan Salt Lamps also improves your breathing.

According to some studies, the negative ions (that I talked about before) help you to increase the cilia activity, which are the microscopic hairs that keeps clean the trachea.

It's a plus if you know that your windpipe is going to be cleaner from toxins and bad particles.

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Breathing: If you breath better, you’ll be energetic

The Himalayan salt lamp fights fatigue with the negative ion production, one of the biggest claims for these lamps was the way that it reduces the stress and the fatigue that you get from all of the electronic devices that we use in a daily-basis.

This leads to a better sleep

Everybody knows how good is to start your day after a good sleep versus a bad sleep, positive ions in the environment reduces the amount of oxygen and blood supply that goes to your brain, this translates into awful sleep patterns.

When we’re testing the benefits from these salt lamps you are going to see that it doesn’t improves particular aspects from your lifestyle.

You could improve your sleep patterns, breathing, allergies, your mood and energy, which becomes in the improving of your entire life.

If you already own an Himalayan Salt Lamp tell us your experience, by the other hand, if you don’t own one what are you waiting for? 

So in summary: How do Salt Lamps Work?

We know that these lamps work as air ionizers that clean the air and can aid in mental health or overall wellness amongst other uses.

Pink Himalayan Salt has a history in the Khewra salt mines. These salt lamps or rock salt specifically interacts with small mounts of positive and negative ions.

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