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How are Himalayan Salt Lamps made?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are used worldwide to foster positive energy and healing throughout rooms and homes.

These lamps are special not just because of the warm calming glow they emit, but they also aid in restful sleep, purify the air surrounding the lamp, reduce allergic symptoms, soothe headaches, and boost mood.

More people are trying these miraculous lamps for themselves and reaping the health benefits.

While you may be familiar with the properties of the lamp, not many people know the origins of Himalayan Salt Lamps and how they are made. 

Origins of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

To discover more about Himalayan Salt Lamps, you have to go back to their roots. The path of all true Himalayan Salt Lamps begins in the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan.

The story goes that in 326 BC while Alexander the Great and his army were crossing Pakistan, they stopped in Khewra.

While there, all the horses in their company began licking the rocks on the ground. The soldiers sampled the rocks and found them to be quite salty, and so the famous salt mines were discovered.

There Khewra Salt Mines are the second largest in the world.

The mine is massive, with close to 25 miles of tunnels running almost half a mile deep beneath the mountain where the central mine is located.

The salt produced there is estimated to be millions of years old and has a rich historical significance.

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Himalayan Salt itself in Lamps

Himalayan salt has a reddish or pink hue and differs from regular table salt due to the trace elements found within its structure.

Minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium give Himalayan salt its unique pink coloration and exotic taste.

Himalayan salt is popularly used to spice up tasty cuisine, as a bath product, Neti Pots, essential oils, and of course, salt lamps.

Due to its unique location and position within the earth, Himalayan salt is among the purest on the planet, and the 80 plus trace elements and minerals bestow it with unique properties that make it a popular resource.

It has the added benefit of being secluded from much of the pollution of the modern age, allowing the salt to maintain its purity and quality over time.

The salt aids in several areas such as balancing the body’s pH, reducing muscle cramps, aid in metabolic functions, strengthening bones, helps the body absorb nutrients, and reduces toxins.

How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

The process for making a Himalayan Salt Lamp begins deep within the Khewra Mines.

The lamp is a large chunk of pink Himalayan salt carved out of the source veins or domes within the mine. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps appear in their unrefined form, essentially a sizable rock.

To construct the lamp, part of the inside of the rock is hollowed out in the middle so the light bulb or heat lamp can be placed within.

A wooden stand is then attached to the bottom of the rock to complete the lamp in its entirety and seal the light and heating element within.

If you want a more stylized option for your Himalayan Salt Lamp, individually hand- carved lamps are also available.

These lamps are handcrafted using precision tools and experienced artisans and sourced from Khewra just like their naturally appearing counterparts. Lamps appear in shapes such as spheres, cubes, pyramids, and bowls.

Lamps are available to be purchased in different sizes as well to accommodate differences in room size. The larger the room, the larger your Himalayan Salt Lamp should be. 

The handcrafted element of Himalayan Salt Lamps lend to their authentic quality. The energy and health elements are preserved by devotion to care and attention to detail.

Himalayan salt lamps remain un-compromised by many products that lose value due to sloppy mass production.

How Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Made: Conclusion

Himalayan Salt Lamps are sweeping in popularity and for good reason. Their many health benefits alone are enough to make them a smart purchase, but they look and feel great too.

Place them in any room in your house and instantly feel the relaxing effects of their soft glow. If you are ready to boost the well-being and positive energy of your home today, check out our collection here

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