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Himalayan Salt Lamp as a Christmas Gift 2019

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready for it? I am sure you must be still preparing. You might have bought new clothes, many types of candies, and of course, a Christmas tree. However, the list is still too long when it comes to preparing for the coming annual festival. There are a lot of things to list down for decorations and kids too. But did you even consider, what are you gifting your friends and family as their Christmas gift this year? I have an extraordinarily simple idea for you. Like every year buy them something unique, different, and useful. Purchase Himalayan Salt Lamps for all of your friends and family members as their Christmas gift. As it works like wonders and will be liked by all.

Gifting Himalayan salt lamp to all of your very special people will make you different from others for sure.  And may be very prominent too, once they see the beauty and benefits of your gift. It is honestly an amazing gift to be given. You will never regret gifting it to your loved ones rather they will appreciate your choice and care for them.


Why should you gift it?

To be true, there is not only a single reason to suggest this wonderful salt lamp, but a list of health benefits is present in it. We generally buy many types of lamps as per our requirements. This lamp is not in comparison to the ordinary lamps but has its own significance in providing more features in the same or even less cost. Some reasons to reveal the worth of these precious lamps are:


Foremost, Himalayan Salt Lamps are best for decorative purpose. The light it has is like a glow. It does not strike the eyes rather it’s extremely soothing. These lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt. It lightens the place with its 10-power bulb which is not a big one. For gifting, the different shapes and sizes may help you choose the perfect one for any particular person.

Vitamins of Air

These salt lamps can emit negative ions which are positive for the health as these ions purify and improve the air quality. To get the process done lamp must be turned on, thus, heated by the source of light from inside. These negative ions have the tendency to neutralize the pollution created by the electronic devices in our homes and especially in kitchens; such as television, cell phones, microwave and so on. Save your loved ones from getting the harms via all of these factors.

Health Benefits

It reduces the roughness of respiratory tract by the same negative ions emission. It is very helpful in cleaning the air by the removal of all the contaminating particles.This is why it can help in alleviating allergies as well. The problems of asthma or insomnia are easily resolved if it is turned on near patient’s bed.

 Boosts the Mood

The alertness of mind is quite necessary to work efficiently and effectively. It is only possible when you are in mood to work or had proper sleep duration.If the lamp is used for the whole night, it definitely proves the energizing feeling after waking up. However, the immune system also improves by turning the salt lamp on 24/7.

Smooth Sleeping Hours

    The Himalayan Salt Lamp can help in providing a dim light to feel safe and at the same time the major feature is the ability to enhance the quality of the air for breathing. Smoother the breathing is, deeper the sleep you will enjoy. Reaching the level of deep sleep is extremely easy and waking up is relatively more refreshing by keeping the lamp turned on all night.

    Whom should you gift it to?

    In general, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is something that can be gifted to anyone you know.  But specifically it is very beneficial for those facing any health issues. The impact on their health will be visible in few days. The only condition is to keep it turned on for the whole day and seven days a week. Otherwise it is a total waste to keep it turned off. Rather sweating will start in the salt lamp because of the moisture. When it remains turned on the heat absorbs the moisture. Therefore, gift it:

    1. To your closed friends whom you want to save from electric ions.
    2. To any old age person to enlighten their corner by glowing it.
    3. To any one you know, who is mentally stressed.
    4. To the one who is having minor to sever respiratory issues.
    5. To your family members who are having insomnia.
    6. To all the female relatives who spend most of their times in kitchen with so many machines.
    7. To yourself, if you don’t have one. Get one for yourself too, on this Christmas. It might seem strange but it is very valuable for your own health and healthy sleep.


    Suggested places to keep it:

    Some of the suggestions to keep your lamp safe from damaging and breakage are:

    1. On your bedside
    2. In your kitchen
    3. In your office
    4. Living rooms
    5. Kids’ room (above the level of their reach)
    6. Your Christmas dinner table
    7. Near any patient

    himalayan salt lamp


    It is not false to claim it as the most useful yet presentable gift for your loved ones this year. The benefiting features in this pricing are highly reasonable.Once they use it and experience the peace it provides, by turning the salt lamp on in the bedroom, there will be no turning back. The healing glow is so mesmerizing that it soothes the mind, thus reflecting it on your mood and face. Although, the energy it releases is only felt once you wake up after the nap or the sleep. By gifting this natural beauty modified in different shapes will not let your friends and family forget you. The more they will use it, the more they will like it and appreciate you. Moreover, these natural healing rocks create an extremely beautiful ambient lighting all around the home which facilitate like a soft glow.

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