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Healing Crystals: Cleansing and Protecting Your Space

Getting rid of bad vibes that could your judgment and overall sense of well-being is a lot trickier than one might think.

Apart from messy, disorganized bedrooms, bad vibes can take the form of arguments, illnesses, low motivation and also depression.

If you’re experiencing such problems, then we can help you channel your chi in a more positive and peaceful direction.

Healing Crystals with Ambient Salt Company:

Usually, when people are in a sour mood they tend to add plants, do a bit of redecorating, and circulate the air in their rooms, kitchens and other spaces. But at times, that just isn’t enough.

You need to go to the next level and some of the best ways to do that is with crystals and herbs. Not only will they promote fresh and good vibes, but they can also rejuvenate your body with fresh bundles of energy.

And once you cleanse the one space that you’re usually in, you can focus on cleansing the rest of your house because, why not?

The more positive energy you spread around you, the better you and the other people who live you with, will be able to go about their lives calmly and peacefully.

It’s also important to choose the right tools or ingredients depending on the kind of energy that you want to foster and spread around your space or house.

Herbs and Incense & Healing Crystals

how to use healing crystals

The tradition of burning herbs, also known as incense or smudging goes way back to the earliest of spiritual practices and cultures.

Even though sage bundles are the most common tools for smudging (their roots can be traced back to some of the indigenous cultures in the US), you can use any herb that is used for healing purposes - including lemongrass, lavender, or leaf.

Many smudging users start the ritual by doing some meditating in which the goal is to acquire peace and tranquility in the area around you.

And when you feel that you are ready, you may light any one of the smudging tools available. Just be sure that it is lit slightly and not to the point where it is completely consumed in flames.

As your bundle is burning, go through any of the other rooms or spaces in your house that require some cleansing.

Trace window frames, doorways and dark corners with the smoke being emitted from your bundle. Use this opportunity to fill the area around you with as many good intentions and positive thoughts as you possibly can.

Due to concerns regarding the over-harvesting of white sage, we recommend going for alternatives like incense, lavender or dried cedar, Palo Santo or resin.

Be sure to monitor how much of the substance your body can consume and withstand.

The best way to know your limits is to do some research on the bundle that you’re getting, as a proper open-minded customer would do.

And if you can’t find any bundle or stick, the next best smudging technique to try is burning herbs in a flame-resistant shell or dish.

Healing Crystals: The Beneficial Power

healing crystals for sale

Believe it or not, but some crystals come with a vast variety of healing qualities.

For instance, Amethyst is said to have properties that calm and protect the mind and soul by sucking up all of the negative energy like a sponge.

Placing this crystal in the middle of your house, or on a mantle can cleanse as much of the space your in as possible.

Selenite can spread feelings of happiness and peacefulness. It is usually placed on window sills to give your house more light.

If nothing else, then toss a black or dark-colored crystal into any room or space you feel needs a dose of positive vibes.

Other crystals like onyx, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and hematite are revered among believers to cleanse, ground and protect.

Ironically, the crystals need some good scrubbing themselves every once in a while due to the amount of energy they take in.

You might think that crystals require no more than a simple wipe from a clean, dry cloth, but there’s more to it than that.

You can bath them in moonlight, have them soak in salt water, or even smudge them if all else fails.

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