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My Himalayan Salt Lamp Real or Fake? Here's How to Tell

Known as the new natural way to clean your indoor air and a way to decorate your home, the interest of salt lamps are on the rise.

My Himalayan Salt Lamp Real or Fake?

Check out a few quick ways to know whether your lamps are authentic. 

Color of Salt Crystals: First Sign if Your Salt Lamp is Real

Salt crystals are a warm pink to deep orange color (you can find some with white crystals, but these are rare and expensive).  Resulting in a soft warm glow when turned on.

The salt is pink because true Himalayan salt can be found in Khewra, Pakistan. Pink salt crystals are located in the underground mine, sourced for salt lamps. 

Khewra is on the western edge of the Himalayan mountains, and the only place where you can find Himalayan pink salt, this is a great way to prove the authenticity of your lamp.
You can always ask the origin of salt crystals to ensure you're getting a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

Real Himalayan Salt Lamps: Rare White Crystals

Himalayan salt lamps have a warm pink or orange hue based on how the crystals were sourced.
White Himalayan salt does exist, it is rare and expensive.  Himalayan white salt lamps are priced significantly higher than Himalayan pink salt lamps. 

Brightness of Your Salt Lamps: A Test

Himalayan pink salt lamps emit a warm soft light that is uneven in various areas due to the different minerals.
This natural product will not illuminate an entire room on its own. If your salt lamp can completely illuminate an entire room this is an indicator that it is fake.

Hygroscopic Salt Lamps: Here's What We Mean

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic, which means it attracts water vapor to its surface and the water evaporates quickly from the heat of the light source.
This is a huge benefit since water vapor in the air can carry mold, bacteria, and allergens. The salt lamp attracts the water vapor along with the mold, bacteria, and allergens and removes it from the air. 
The hygroscopic nature of Himalayan salt lamps is why it may "sweat" in more humid climates and another indicating factor to prove your salt lamp is authentic. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp real or fake should not be an issue after reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

These lamps battle with negative ion interaction in small amounts but they’re more than just simple home decor.

The beautifully shaped salt lamps should not be made from fake Himalayan Salt. Highest quality Himalayan Salt crystal emitting a nice night light or daylight glow is all you need.

Oh! By the way, they come with a dimmer switch!

All of our salt lamps are authentic and real sourced from Pakistan. Here is my favorite variation of salt lamp.

real himalayan salt lamp



Which variations of Salt Lamps are your favorite? I'd love to know!

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