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Crystals For Sleep and a Good Night's Sleep At That

Crystals For Sleep are as essentially as Sleep is because it refreshes our batteries, improves our health and gets us ready for the next day.

But that can’t happen if we’re experiencing any amount of stress or anxiety as we try to shut our eyes and fall asleep.

Crystals For Sleep Are Incredibly Effective

Without adequate levels of sleep, our natural rhythms go off the rails and we end up not only waking up tired, but also irritated and have trouble concentrating.

If our minds and spirits are fluctuating up and down, then it’s time to resort to alternative medicine in the form of healing crystals that that will help us sleep better.

Healing crystals do as their name suggests as they are known for their soothing and calming capabilities.

So if insomnia is giving you troubles, then use these crystals for sleep and to improve your slumber:

Amethyst And Crystals for Sleep

This is one of the more popular stones not just because it looks beautiful, but because it cleanses our aura and improves our overall sleep.

As our brain waves become attuned to the common frequencies of the stone, our sleep will be deeper and more restorative.

If you want to get to sleep faster, it would be better if you placed this crystal under your pillow to amplify its effects.

You can even wear it as a bracelet to circulate energy around you throughout the day.


crystals for insomnia

Besides improving your sleep, these stones also activate lucid dreaming, filling your mind with so many creative thoughts and solutions if you work a demanding office job.

So we suggest placing a voice recorder or notepad to write down whatever thoughts pop up in your head as you sleep.

Crystals For Sleep? Meet 'Lepidolite'

Lupita light is a form of Mica that has contents of lithium which is essential in improving your sleep.

Its beautiful lavender-pink coloration works well for both the mind and heart chakra, bringing them together in harmony.

The stone can balance your mental and emotional energies that put aside nightmares and sleep disturbances.

Like the amethyst crystal, you can place it under your pillow to amplify the facts and help you sleep more comfortably and quickly. Much like the Salt Rock Lamp we love so much here!

Scolecite Crystals

Scolecite is an incredible crystal known for its deeply soothing and calming energy that is effective in alleviating stress.

It helps both with insomnia and encourages lucid dreaming. So if you’re someone who wants to know that you’re dreaming and want to have fun with it, this is the stone for you.

It’s even great for meditation and can be used in combination with other crystals that help alleviate stress and improve sleep, providing more effective results. I

f you find that it’s no longer effective, you need to take it out and have it cleansed under the sun or moonlight or just give it a break and allow it to recharge.

Crystals and the Angelite

Known as the ‘Stone of Awareness,’ Angelite’s soothing blue energy emits a sense of calmness and inner peace to the user. It promotes love and serenity, facilitating angelic connection, astral traveling, and guidance.

But perhaps one of the best attributes of the stone is that it eases anxieties and worries, which are the underlying reasons for restless nights, especially after a long tiring day.

It is even touted to be a “problem solver” while we sleep. So when we sleep next to and Angelite, our mind is swirling with new ideas.


Marble possesses strong metaphysical properties that imbue us with the calmness required to go into a deep sleep.

It even clarifies the mind and offers a state of suspension during meditation and Tantric activities.

That’s why surrounding yourself with any marble accessory will not only help you stay emotionally and physically calm but also boost any artistic efforts that you may have.

Marble is an effective stone for use in feng shui when a piece is placed in the central area for grounding.

You can also place it in the four corners of your house to stabilize any worries that you may have regarding weakness or insecurity.

What’s more, Marvel has largely been a luxury material which is why you might’ve seen some glimpses of it in higher-end lifestyle products such as air purifiers, refrigerator design, or iPhone cases.

Howlite Crystals for Sleep

One needs to have a soothing and calm mind to help them fall asleep better.

And that’s why howlite crystals possess such qualities to help those can’t remain calm as they try to transition to the dream world.

Howlite crystals are said to calm angry people and can be effective in doing so when placed under the pillow of the angry individual as they try to get some sleep.

This stone is excellent for reducing stress and can even help one fully relax so they can acquire a deep and relaxed meditation experience.

The vibrations from this crystal can even be beneficial for those with rocky relationships and can help boost communication, stabilize bad moods and boost their patience.

It can also help soothe violent partners in relationships relating to domestic violence.

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