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Crystal Healing: How to Use Quartz Healing Crystals

Crystal Healing: How to Use Quartz Healing Crystals

Crystal healing has been around since ancient times, and recently, people are once again rediscovering the amazing healing properties of these magnificent gems.

Crystals are known for improving our health and well-being on a variety of levels such as mind, body, spirit and beyond.

One of the most popular Crystal healing methods is using quartz crystals.

This method uses a wide variety of quartz crystals there available to assist in healing the human body, especially clear quartz.

Quartz crystals are some of the most common crystals that we can buy for healing.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at quartz crystal healing and where it came from.

The Origins of Quartz Crystal Healing

It has been believed since ancient times that clear quartz was a source of power and energy.

And now thanks to modern measuring equipment, it appears all those beliefs are true.

Clear Quartz Crystal clusters are sent to amplify energy robustly and are usually used by alchemical healing practitioners in healing rooms.

Quartz clusters are usually paired with candles to further boost the energy being emitted from the candles.

Believe it or not, the people of the past had a strong belief in “candle magic” as fire was considered to be a crucial element.

This indicated that only positive spirits can come towards healing spaces.

And by using a clear quartz cluster, a client can release any lingering negative energy during treatment.

Why and How Quartz Healing Crystals Work

These days, quartz make up 12% of the Earth’s crust and is used in almost any kind of technology, including electronics, timekeeping, information storage, and more.

If crystals can communicate through computer chips, then it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for them to be used in several other ways.

And due to their connection with the earth as well as their life-giving elements, it would make sense why crystals are linked with healing, given that their traces have been uncovered in just about any civilization before us.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel worked on one of the first pieces of scientific evidence relating to the power of crystals.

As he watched the crystals grow under his microscope, he observed that their shape took on the form of his thoughts.

He had theorized that the vibrations were due to the constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules.

But most importantly, he proved that quartz crystals can store thoughts much like how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.

Albert Einstein once said that everything in the world is vibration and similar to sound-waves, our thoughts can match the vibrations of those things that manifest in our lives.

Hence, if you believe crystals to have healing power, then the stones will emit positive vibes that amplify those thoughts.

How Would You Use Quartz Crystals and Why?

As mentioned earlier, quartz crystals come in a variety of colors and types, including pink rose quartz, yellow citrine, golden healer quartz, and purple amethyst.

One of the best ways to use these crystals for healing is to place them in a pendulum.

With this, the user is given feedback on the fly. Pendulums are commendable tools that enable you to get answers from spirit.

And although pendulums can be made from any stone you find, it is those made from quartz crystals that yield great power due to their amplification properties and are quite easy to buy.

Crystal balls can also be made from a handful of quartz crystals, with the most common one being the white quartz crystal.

They are mainly used to hold healing stones in one’s house or a treatment room.

White or clear crystals are extremely popular and can be configured in various ways like record keepers or crystal wands.

They can also be precision-cut in the powerful Vogel wands. And Vogel are strong metaphysical healing tools that bring large quantities of healing energy.

If you wish to do some quartz crystal healing than a lovely quartz cluster is a great buy.

They exist in numerous varieties and possess excellent healing capabilities that can be used in a room to help with healing.

Some of the best ways of doing so include:

  • Putting crystals in a room as they can improve the atmosphere and met a lovely healing vibration at home, your office job, or any space you desire.
  • You can also keep quartz nearby, like an amethyst cluster or geode, a piece of smoky quartz, a clear quartz cluster, a lovely piece of rose quartz, or some citrine crystals. 

Quartz crystals can also be used for self-healing purposes by either placing them on or around your body.

And because their energy resonates powerfully, they don’t have to be touching your body to give you good healing results.

Healers usually place pieces of quartz at the chakras to help with their healing. They can either placed next to the person being healed or even under the table without coming in contact with the body.

This is exactly why most natural therapists have some piece of course under their healing tables as it helps project energy profusely from this location.

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