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Coming Out of Your Shell | Crystal Healing for Empowerment

There are times when we have all been overwhelmed with feelings of worthlessness, suffer from low-esteem or are just feeling let down from past failures.

All these emotions and thoughts belittle our confidence, which in turn is the utmost ingredient that helps us reach our goal and channel our true potential.

Some people are able to brush off past mistakes and failures and let their optimism shine through for them.

Crystal Healing: What it's all about

But there are others who are so deeply scarred by their shortcomings that it may take them months or even years to recuperate.

Such people require a special alternative to restoring both their confidence and their overall spirit. That’s where special crystals with supernatural properties come into play.

Here are some of the crystals that will bring back your confidence and help you reach your goal with all of your potentials:

1.  Spirit Quartz & Crystal Healing

 Spirit Quartz & Crystal Healing

This crystal is one of the most beautiful ones to help regain one’s confidence. It naturally alleviates all of the self-imposed restrictions that are caused by minor confidence, enabling us to achieve more than what we thought was possible.

Being a cluster crystal, the spirit quartz is able to radiate energy in just about any direction. This makes the crystal very useful in a group or office environment where fear, self-doubt, and negative comments wreak havoc on your confidence. The crystal also encourages harmony and team-building between families and co-workers.

2.  Sunstone Crystal Healing

Sunstone Healing Crystal

Want your self-confidence to be as bright as shiny as the sun? That’s what the sunstone instills. It brings hope, happiness, and light and also invigorates your Sacral Chakras and Solar Plexus.

In return, the crystal transforms your lack of self-belief and confidence into new levels of enthusiasm, possibility and strength. The sunstone's gentle luminosity highlights your abilities and talents in their full glory.

You can use the sunstone for boosting your self-empowerment nurturing your leadership qualities and reversing feelings of failure.

3.  Carnelian Crystal Healing

Carnelian Healing Crystal

Carnelian is a favorite among crystals for bringing out one's self-worth and confidence. It helps activate the first three chakras to encourage passion, motivation, and progress in what you're doing.

It also doubles as a healing stone for courage and creativity.

4.  Citrine Crystal Healing

Citrine Healing Crystal

The joyful and vibrant energy from citrine is great for increasing energy and helping one feel more positive. Low energy and confidence levels are interconnected and by boosting one of them, the crystal automatically boosts the other.

Citrine can also reduce one's negative aura that's been accumulated from others' negative thoughts and comments.

And because of its connection with the Solar Plexus, the sunny citrine can also boost optimism, improve low confidence, release deep-seated fears and give your life it's spark back again.

5.  Red Jasper Crystal Healing

Red Jasper Healing Crystal

Red Jasper is commendable for those who suffer from feelings of worthlessness. It stimulates one’s Root Chakra, which helps encourage self-honesty, boost confidence and highlight their unique skills and attributes.

The red jasper can even reinstate one’s boundaries when either emotional pressures or even domestic violence have weakened them, thereby giving you the courage and the strength to move ahead with your life.

Despite its fiery energy, the red jasper's powers are gentle. If you want, the crystal will take things slowly for you. It even helps release negative energy and feelings, while also keeping you grounded.

6.  Orange Calcite Crystal Healing

Orange Calcite Healing Crystal

The warm soothing energy of the orange calcite brings a sense of playfulness, confidence, and fun.

It is considered to be an energy amplifier and mover. Because of this, the crystal is priceless for moving the Sacral Chakras, which is where stagnant sexual or creative energy can cause a blockage. It is only by clearing those blockages will your talents, confidence and motivation can be enhanced.

The orange calcite can bring you the confidence you need to expand your business, break old patterns, brainstorm ideas, soothe awkwardness or overcome financial challenges.

7.  Amazonite Crystal Healing

Amazonite Healing Crystal

Amazonite is a powerful crystal indeed. It functions like a tight pipe that prevents your confidence from leaking out, while also soothing worries and fears that usually suppress our confidence.

It's known widely as the stone of hope and success, so it can be used to generate trust and optimism in your abilities.

It is also known as the stone of courage. There isn't a better combination for a stone to have than the one that Amazonite comes with.

8.  Rose Quartz Crystal Healing

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It radiates soothing, gentle vibrations that regulate your emotions and help restore your emotional nature after hurtful or disastrous events.

It attracts long-term, harmonious relationships by opening your heart chakra. The rose quartz opens your heart and enables you to become the vision of beauty and love.

9.  Tiger's Eye Crystal Healing

Tiger's Eye Healing Crystal

Tiger's eye brings mental focus, as well as the ability to reason with others through decisions, resulting in you having greater confidence in your judgement.

It also consists of metaphysical properties that are at times known as "nurturing bodyguard with perception and insight."

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