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Caring for your Himalayan Salt Lamp: The Best Tips & Insight

If you have recently acquired a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp to cleanse your living space and purify your environment, you may be wondering: how do I take the best care of my salt lamp?

This is understandable, as many first-time salt lamp owners believe that the upkeep process for their new lamp must be extensive. After all, it is made out of salt crystal, and makes caring for it tricky, right?

Not the case! In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and caring for your new salt lamp requires nothing more than an understanding of how your salt lamp works.

The benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamps range from helping reduce headaches and overall have a drastic improvement on one's health.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp Buzz: How it works

Your Himalayan salt lamp is made of a pristine and natural rock salt crystal that was mined in the foothills of the beautiful Himalayan mountains.

Like other salts, salt lamps absorb the water in the air around them and trap the contaminants contained in the water molecules.

The heated crystal then releases the cleansed water back into the air through evaporation, resulting in a cleansed environment and various health benefits. 

Lamp sweating tips and tricks: This Will Help in Caring For Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Because they consist of a natural material that is not altered or preserved in any way, salt lamps can react to various environments differently, which is why it is essential for you to understand your environment and the nature of your lamp.

If you live in a more humid climate, it is likely that your salt lamp will eventually appear to begin sweating.

By contrast, those who live in drier climates will rarely see this sweating occur, if at all.

Sweating in a salt lamp is natural, and it simply means that your salt lamp is doing its job of absorbing water to cleanse your environment.

If the sweating does not bother you, you can simply place a plate under the lamp, much like you would under a plant, to protect the surface of the furniture where the lamp is located.

Gently wipe away excess sweat with a dry cloth to keep your salt lamp clean.

If the sweating is an issue, there are multiple ways to troubleshoot the problem.

First, consider re-positioning your lamp, as window sills and bathrooms – places that are typically exposed to excess moisture – are not ideal.

Second, you may simply need to leave your lamp on for longer periods.

When a salt lamp is not turned on, it cannot evaporate the water that it is absorbing, which leads to sweating.

Leaving your lamp on all day keeps your air clean and does not require very much electricity.

Conversely, you can also consider using a bulb with a higher wattage to generate more heat.

If you will be away from your home for a long time, unplug your lamp and store it in an airtight plastic container to keep it from absorbing moisture while you are away.

Cleaning your Himalayan salt lamp

To clean excess sweat crystals or dust from your lamp, simply switch the lamp off and brush away debris with a slightly dampened sponge or a dry cloth.

If you do use a moistened sponge to clean your lamp or it becomes wet, leave it to dry in the sun for 4-5 hours.

The takeaway: Caring for Himalayan Salt Lamps


Your Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful decor and when cared for properly, can be a benefit to your health.

Follow these steps to maintain the integrity and beauty of your salt lamp and reap the benefits of its cleansing properties for your living space.

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