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Can you leave a Himalayan Salt Lamp on all night?

Some people prefer sleeping with a night light. Can a Himalayan Salt Lamp be left on overnight and be treated as a night light? 

In this article, we will you know whether it is safe to be left on overnight and why you should leave salt lamps on.

Is keeping Himalayan Salt Lamps on harmful or safe?

Many people are concerned with leaving salt lamps on while sleeping. The answer is yes. A salt lamp contains a low watt bulb that heats up the Salt Lamp.

However, the bulb in the salt lamp is not hot enough to burn the salt rock or wooden base. However, there is a concern that the switch itself can catch on fire.

In year 2017, there was a recall for 80,000 Himalayan Salt Lamps where there was a faulty switch.

As such, when buying a salt lamp, please ensure that the salt lamp comes with a UL certified switch.

This means that the switch has been UL certified and tested to prevent the switch from being faulty. As a result, Salt Lamps are safe to be left on overnight.

Just be sure that you are buying a salt lamp from a credible company. 

Are Salt Lamps good for a night light?

Now that we know that salt lamps are safe, we will go over why salt lamps are great for being a night light.

First, a Himalayan Salt Lamp with a dimmer switch can be turned on which it is not at the brightest setting. At the lowest lighting setting, a salt lamp can be so dim that it can act as the perfect night light. 

Salt Lamps have many benefits.

The appearance of a dimmed Himalayan Salt Lamp is very relaxing to look at.

The ambiance of the dimmed light help you calm yourself in any stressful moments. I would encourage to give it a try the next time you sleep. 

Conclusion: Leaving a Salt Lamp on all Night

If you already have a Himalayan Salt Lamp, I encourage you to put one in your bedroom and leave one on at the lowest dimming setting.

See if it helps you to sleep better. Comment below if you have a Salt Lamp in the bed room.

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  • patricia chrysteena delegat

    i leave my salt lamp going all the time

  • Alicia Reid

    Yes I have Salt Lamp in My bedroom.

  • Sue

    Only just got my salt lamp I did sleep better really did work

  • Sun Valley Salt

    Something new I found here. Nice post.

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