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Black Moonstone: Enhances Creativity & Connects To The Divine Feminine

If you're here reading this now, it can only be because you're fascinated by the black moonstone and the certain properties that it possesses.

Well, this post is your one-stop destination for basically most, if not all of the answers you seek about this gemstone.

Meaning and Healing Powers With the Black Moonstone

The black moonstone stands out from other gems due to its adularescence, or a bluish-white shimmer and is sought after and is mostly used as a gemstone and a talisman.

The black moonstone has been valued as an incredible healing gemstone since ancient times.

It is said to give you the power to go towards your future and not just by healing. The gemstone has a great balance between kindness and strength. It is also said to work on several types of wishes.

In order to get into a deep and healing therapeutic session with the black moonstone, you have to go a remote, sacred healing area that is void of any kind of clutter as well as distractions.

Meditate by focusing on the new moon and also next month's phase of aspirations, dreams, and goals that you have in your life. Keep doing this ritual on a full moon and witness the full potential of your soul under the moonlight's glow.

The moonstone is there to remind us to always go with the flow, which doesn't always agree with how the modern world works.

By channeling the mystical powers of the moon, the moonstone crystal is like the moonlight landscape that's been painted on a clear night sky.

It has a distinctive sheen that of able to reflect a range of rainbow pearly hues like yellow, blue, white and silvery gray which symbolize the moon altogether and its association with the constant changes of like and fluctuating moods.

The black moonstone's crystal properties are rooted deeply in ancient philosophies, most significantly its effects on opening the heart chakra.

As a matter of fact, the stone is associated with the Hindu tradition's divine feminine principle and is considered a symbol of love.

It is because of its elegant, simple shades of subtle and white shimmer that the moonstone was considered to be a favorite in gold and silver jewelry in the Celtic tribes of Europe and the ancients from India.

Moonstone Meaning

The moonstone's meaning is associated with a symbol of sensuality and fertility. It also means to make things new, which makes sense since the black moon also means a new moon.

The black moonstone has the meaning and properties of increasing one's mental power. It means that you can get the power to fulfill your wishes.

It's especially good for people who need the energy to do things until they are completely finished. You get the energy to get luck or success. It also works when you want to have more self-confidence.

It has a strong energy that can help connect you to the Divine Feminine during meditation.

The feminine figure is an empowering visualization that grants people greater intuition, which is ideal for clearing the mind of any negative emotions that hold us back, whether it is fear or self-doubt.

With the black moonstone by your side, you can channel its inner healing properties by meditating daily to both clear your mind and center your spirit.

The black moonstone helps open our heart chakra, which enables us to be more aware and receptive of our inner feelings.

Similar to how waves crash on the beach in a study push and how the tides are pulled, we need to get back to our own natural rhythm and discover the treasures that are hidden deep within ourselves.

The black moonstone is a creativity charm, and it is quite effective at reminding you about the miracle of life and the infinite space of endless possibilities.

Black Moonstone Properties

Black Moonstone Properties

Due to its connection with the moon, the stone is great at soothing emotions during that time of the month.

The healing qualities of the moonstone crystal are the best when it comes to balancing hormones and offering support during periods of hormonal change such as menopause or puberty.

When you wear moonstone jewelry close to the heart on the necklace, you'll always feel it glowing and that its magical energy illuminates your aura as well as everything around you.

Do you recall that whimsical abandon you had back when you were a child?

Well, now it's time to utilize the following light of the moon to get it back as you maintain the balance of pleasure and innocence with a hint of intrigue and empowerment.

The moonstone is also a great way to look for romance as it symbolizes the feminine energy at maximum potential.


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