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5 Ways to Transform Your Home with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home are well-documented and easily accessible on the internet (You can also find benefits here), but how do you bring those benefits into everyday life?

To maximize the benefits of using a salt lamp, it’s important to place the lamps in specific places throughout your house. This can convert a lifeless space into a lively one with a simple pop of color, while positively affecting your health at the same time.

1. Bedroom

There is nothing worse than turning on your bedside lamp in the middle of the night and adjusting your vision to an aggressive fluorescent bulb. With a Himalayan salt lamp, the light is much softer and easier for sleepy eyes to take in. In addition, a salt lamp can improve sleep patterns by generating negative ions that increase the production of certain hormones. They can also boost sleep by exposing you to their softer light, as opposed to the harsh blue light of screens that can impact with your melatonin levels.  

2. Coffee Table

In a common area such as a living room or den, it is essential to have interesting pieces around the room to strike up a conversation when company is over. Placing a salt lamp on your coffee table will have your guests asking questions and could even inspire them to get a salt lamp of their own!

3. Work Space

Sitting at a desk all day can be mentally and physically draining, especially if you’re staring at the blue light of a screen for many hours at a time. The light of a salt lamp can be a form of light therapy by offering a break from blue light. This has been shown to lower stress levels, making it a perfect addition to your work environment.

4. Entrance

One of the most notable features of a Himalayan salt lamp is its ability to improve air quality by attracting dust and other particles from the air. Putting a salt lamp near your front door can filter the incoming air, which will help relieve asthma or allergy symptoms.

5. Featured Décor

If the substantial health benefits don’t have you convinced, salt lamps can act as a beautiful piece of décor for your home. The warm pink glow will contribute soft lighting to your living spaces and can make a room feel much cozier than a lamp with a large metal stand or extravagant shade.

Since no two spaces are exactly alike, there are also options for different sizes and styles of salt lamps to fit your needs. For various sizes and styles, click here. No matter what style or health benefits you are looking for, a Himalayan salt lamp could be the perfect option to enhance your space.


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